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Privacy Policy

Use your own photos and videos
It is essential to respect copyrights. If you ever use a photo, image or video on this site without the legal rights, they will be immediately deleted by the moderators.

Respect the code of ethics
We ask for your cooperation in order to respect the code of ethics. We believe that adopting healthy behavior contributes to a positive environment, strengthening communications leading to good relationships with third parties. Anyone who uses bullying in any form, bullying or victimization may be denied access to the site without notice.

Use a decent language
Your good verbal behavior is in order. Any language that uses vulgar, degrading and insulting words will not be tolerated. Sanctions up to deportation could be taken for those who do not respect decent language.

Be honest with your images and profile
Use your own pictures closest to reality and take care to use your own information and interests. As the goal is to make real dates, be yourself, the results will be more realistic and can lead you to more beautiful and better dates.

Protect your personal information
Never divulge your address, email or phone number on your profile or in chat rooms. The removal will be immediate from us.

Erotic or pornographic content is strictly forbidden
Any images, photographs or videos that do not respect the limits of decency will be deleted and if there is any recurrence of the user, it will be banned and his account will be deleted without notice.

No permitted solicitations
It is forbidden to sell products or offer services in any form on this site. The deletion of your account will be immediate and irrevocable.

Protect your children
Never use pictures, photos or videos of you with your children.

Failure to comply with the rules could lead to the deletion of your account. We are not responsible for events arising from your meetings, so be careful and knowledgeable. .