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Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Use and any dispute or claim arising directly or indirectly including also disputes and non-contractual claims, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of Quebec. Please read these Terms of Use for each of your connections on the TOO2GO website.

1. Access to the TOO2GO website is strictly reserved for people over 18 years old.

2. The company TOO2GO does not hold any responsibility for all publications or statements found on the site. When unwanted or inappropriate content is traced or reported to us, we reserve the right to remove it altogether.

3. We do not take any responsibility whatsoever if a third party opposes or appeals to the courts for content that you have published that is not copyrighted and / or is not yours. You must take full responsibility for your publications.

4.When you use the TOO2GO website, you agree to abide by our policies and our Privacy Policy.

Full legal notice

The TOO2GO website and chat module is a form of networking designed to lead to new encounters. It is possible to discuss, share your images and your information in a respectful environment. You hereby agree to use TOO2GO in accordance with the Terms of Use.

These Terms constitute a legal agreement between (you) user and (us) TOO2GO and the website, a company registered in Quebec. For the collection of payments, TOO2GO collaborates with PayPal.

These legal notices mean that you accept
these Conditions, when you access, use or subscribe to the various services offered by TOO2GO.


Use of the website and rules relating to publications

The TOO2GO site is a networking platform for adults (18+) only. By registering on the TOO2GO website, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to use this website and that you fully comply with all the provisions that follow.

As a senior citizen, you acknowledge that you have all the rights, authorities and full capacity to assume and accept these terms and conditions, which you voluntarily bind by them. By using TOO2GO, you also certify that you do not violate any law or regulation relating to the country in which you reside. You are the one and only responsible while respecting the laws and regulations in force in this contract.

Under the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada (Part V), you warrant that you have not been found guilty of acts of aggression, violence (all violence combined), sexual misconduct or harassment and that you have not been subject to a court decision to date. You also agree, as a user of this networking site, to abide by the criminal laws relating to sexual offenses and acts contrary to public decency relating to the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.

When using TOO2GO, you agree to respect the rules of good conduct established when publishing your photos, images, messages or other publications. Any breach of ethics could lead to an immediate expulsion from the TOO2GO site without notice.

1. All swear words and all references considered obscene or damaging the reputation of a third party, will be banned

2. All publications with pornographic character or that can reach the reputation of others, are prohibited

3. All forms racist, defamatory, hateful, sexist, insulting, fanatic, abusive, and / or threatening, are illegal on TOO2GO

4. All activities related to commercial purposes, whether sales, advertisements, contests and / or hyperlinks to other internet platforms, are prohibited

5. Any messages that may involve the sending of emails and / or unwanted hyperlinks, and / or fraudulent, are prohibited. In addition, any inclusion of attachments that could harm, damage and / or limit the use of the TOO2GO website as well as any malicious software intended to corrupt the equipment, hardware, data, files, software and / or to encroach on personal information belonging to TOO2GO and / or its users.

6. All users of this site, should in no way violate the rights of other members through its publications. We mean by infringement of rights, those of intellectual property and that of respect for the privacy of others

7. Any false account is totally prohibited and will be removed without notice.

General informations

1. Personal Information: We recommend that you avoid disclosing any form of personal information with respect to your bank numbers, civic addresses, or telephone numbers on your profile or in the chat room. You are fully responsible for your publications and the information you disclose on this site. From these facts, we release ourselves from any lawsuit that could harm you in every way from your own actions. We suggest you to be careful in all circumstances.

2. Use of personal information of a third party: It is strictly prohibited to use and / or impersonate a third party under all conditions. Harassment and threats are denied at all times. The closure of the account would then be immediate and definitive.

3. Private Account Access: In order to protect your private information, it is not permissible to share your credentials with a third party to connect to your personal account. Always keep your identifiers and passwords in a safe place. TOO2GO is not responsible for unauthorized access to your account. If, however, you believe that you are a victim of identity theft, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible at:
Failure to comply with these procedures gives us the right to close your account without notice.

4. Access to published content: All publications found on the site are of public order. By agreeing to become a member of the TOO2GO website, you confirm that the content of your profile and all disclosed information is visible and accessible to the general public. We reserve the right to modify or delete any text that does not comply with our rules.

5. Ownership of the Content
The content you post remains your entire property as long as it belongs to you under copyright. When you register on TOO2GO, you warrant and represent that you have all the rights to publish the content you post and you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, non-exclusive, non-restrictive, worldwide license. Your agreement when you register on the site means that we reserve the right to use all or part of the published content without limitation in any circumstance. You acknowledge that this includes the use of your images, text, quotes or information that could be used to create advertising in any form. You grant us the use of the entire content and agree that it may be modified, cropped, translated, adapted, copied and / or used for the creation of photomontage and may be distributed in whole or in part and made available to you. public provision, this, in all its forms, formats or on various advertising media existing and at any time without any limitation or restriction on your part. You also authorize us to share, assign or grant this content to our affiliates, thereby giving them the rights of use for commercial use without further approval from you and you waive all rights moral and identity. You also agree that we may disclose your identity to the authorities in the event that your publications are contested by a third party, and this if you are in default of identity theft or infringement of intellectual property rights and / or life private all, with respect to all applicable laws that are currently governed in your civil location.

6. Contents owned by TOO2GO
Please note that all interfaces, applications, modules, logos, images, text, graphics and / or illustrations published on the TOO2GO website are fully protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. You are prohibited from copying, modifying, distributing, publishing and / or selling in part and / or in whole the content found therein, with the exception of content that you have published and legally owned. However, if you wish to use the content belonging to TOO2GO, you must absolutely ask permission by contacting us by email:

7. Services and volunteering
You acknowledge that TOO2GO can not be in any way solicited in terms of claims for all requests for compensation in all its forms. If a third party decides to transmit, share or advertise all forms of information, publications, links, pages, logos or any other content arising from our website or our Facebook page and this via all existing platforms such as Facebook, tweet without limiting itself to these websites. Moderators also recognize that their services are entirely voluntary.

8. Paid services and products
Although registration and several services are free, you will also find different services or products that require a monetary contribution on TOO2GO. VIP membership requires a monetary contribution to TOO2GO. By joining the VIP service, you can find and meet people more easily. You can also customize your profile, increase your popularity and increase your visibility with users. Note that no refund will be allowed after paying for any of the services offered for any reason.

9. Renewal of VIP TOO2GO service
By joining the TOO2GO VIP service, you authorize us to charge you according to the payment method you have chosen in advance. You can change or cancel your payment method at any time. Just go to your billing settings to make the change. Please note that your VIP subscription is automatically renewed until you disable this feature in your settings. The same is true for the purchase of credits if you have opted for automatic recharging.

10. Transfer or sale of services or credits
Note that no transfer or resale of services and / or credits will be allowed. Otherwise, TOO2GO reserves the right to cancel any paid services for your account. You are responsible for the services and credits to which you belong.

11. Duration of use of appropriations
After 6 months of unused credits, TOO2GO reserves the right to delete them. You automatically lose your credits when you make the decision to delete your account voluntarily. These credits will be irretrievable in the event of a re-registration. If we need to terminate your account because you did not comply with our rules, have usurped an identity of a third party, violated the privacy rights of a corporation, your credits will not be refunded . It is your sole responsibility to respect all codes of conduct on the TOO2GO website. Take note that the credits are not refundable or exchangeable.

12. Permanent access to the TOO2GO website
We can not guarantee the permanent operation of the TOO2GO website because of the various updates, maintenance and / or breakdowns beyond our control. We also reserve the right to modify any services provided and, if need be, to suspend our services or to withdraw functions at any time without notice and without any prejudice or liability on our part.

13. Accessible via a mobile
You can use the TOO2GO website on your cell phone. However, we are not responsible for the accessibility of the various functions that you will usually find on the TOO2GO website via your mobile phone or other devices. You must communicate with your provider if functions are reduced. Please note that we can not be held responsible for any costs incurred by using our site via your different devices. Be aware that your Internet provider may charge you a usage fee when you agree to receive notifications, messages, and / or downloads of data or images. It is your sole responsibility to check with your internet service provider for the right plan for your internet usage.

14. Termination of your account on TOO2GO
We reserve the right at any time to suspend or terminate your account when you violate the site rules. The deletion of the account is immediate and requires no notice and liability to you when you are mistaken to publish pornographic, harassing, degrading, hateful content without being limited to such damages (and all reasons mentioned above). You acknowledge that no refund will be made if your account is terminated.

15. Deleting the account at the request of the user
In order to delete your account on TOO2GO, you must send us an email request to: Note that after termination of the account, comments or images may still be visible on TOO2GO due to photomontages or other content that you have consented to free of copyright during your initial registration. Since you have consented to the copyright at the time of your registration, we can not guarantee that the images will be deleted and we release ourselves from any liability. Please note that your profile will be totally destroyed and if you decide to register again later, you will need to redo your profile in full.

16. Reporting abuse or complaints
We invite you to report any abuse regarding a violation of the rules of this site. It is therefore important to clearly state the reasons and details of the dispute in question. You may also bring complaints against a third party or following the discovery of content considered as undesirable, pornographic or vulgar at any time by email: We will process your request within a reasonable time to allow a pleasant use of this networking site.

17. Privacy Policy
In order to be aware of our terms and conditions in terms of respect for your private information, we invite you to consult our document Privacy Policy. Indeed, we attach great importance to respect any private and confidential information that you provide us.

18. Hypertext links
You will find on this site, hypertext links that lead to other affiliated websites, or not, to TOO2GO. Be aware that these websites have their own policies, terms and conditions, legal notices or privacy policies that differ from those we advocate. We are not responsible for their content. You acknowledge and understand that we are entirely relieved of all liability in the event of a dispute between you and these sites. It is your responsibility to comply with the policies of these various sites.

19. Compensation and interests
By registering on the TOO2GO platform, you have acknowledged that you have accepted all the regulations in question here. You are fully responsible for your behavior on this platform. In the event that TOO2GO is the subject of a lawsuit, claim or other claim arising out of your use, we reserve the right to settle and defend this situation as we deem it. You hereby agree to cooperate fully with us in order to deal with a possible claim against us for the primary purpose of defending the TOO2GO website. In this sense, you are totally responsible and make sure to compensate the company TOO2GO as well as all the members working for this company (directors, representatives, employees, managers, heirs) in the case of a claim made by a third party, damages, procedures , costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by members working for TOO2GO for your use that does not meet the conditions outlined in this document. We fully reserve the right to settle the dispute through a compromise or negotiation for financial compensation established in due time and according to the cause and / or cause of the dispute without your prior consent. That being said, there are some exceptions to our liability to users for death, bodily injury resulting from our negligence towards TOO2GO users and / or with respect to the Criminal Code and Civil Code provisions. . It is our responsibility to ensure the security of our users and to collaborate with the instances as needed. By law, TOO2GO is committed to complying with all applicable laws: Criminal, Civil and Common Law. TOO2GO gets free from everything

20. Other clauses
The TOO2GO site makes sure to put in place adequate measures so that its site and its information are up to date. We release ourselves from any liability for content that may be on the platform that is other than information from our administration that ensures the viability of TOO2GO. The use of this networking site and its various resources is at your own risk, which invites us to remind you to be vigilant at all times. We are not responsible for the inaccuracy of the content, data, publications and others, transmitted by users. It is your responsibility to be vigilant at all times and it is your responsibility to ensure that there are no viruses, trojans or other undesirable elements in the resources / links that come from the TOO2GO platform. In this sense, TOO2GO is in no way responsible for damage that may be caused to your computer equipment (including cellular). Changes to these Terms may be subject to change at any time. If this is the case, the changes that have been made will be published in this document, mentioning the date of entry into force of these updates. We may send you an email to notify you of these changes, but this is not an obligation on our part. It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes by reading this document regularly. In the event that you disagree with any of the changes to the Terms that are made, you should stop using the TOO2GO site without delay. By continuing to use TOO2GO as a result of changes to the Terms, you voluntarily agree to such changes and so you acknowledge that you assume full responsibility for them.

21. Consent
All Conditions mentioned in this document represent the entirety of your agreement to use TOO2GO. They constitute the entire agreement that prevails between you (users) and us (TOO2GO). This document supersedes any other agreement between you and us. Any fraudulent statements from you are your sole responsibility and we release them fully. These conditions take effect upon acceptance to use the TOO2GO networking site. No other agreement or privilege could exculpate you from these conditions mentioned in this document. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please do not register with TOO2GO.

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